Automobili Lamborghini

Protoshop di Lamborghini is the first multi-storey class “A” industrial building to be constructed in Italy:

with an area of almost 5,000 m2, the building accommodates the famous sports car maker’s ‘Prototypes and Preseries’ department. The project was developed by the Archilinea architectural studio operating in the Prospazio consortium, Modena, with the collaboration of Lea Ceramiche for cladding of the ventilated façade with ultra-thin (just 3.5 mm) large size (3mx1m) Slimtech slabs. Design, safety and energy efficiency are the most significant aspects developed by Prospazio in an architectural and engineering project that encapsulates Lamborghini’s hallmark extreme and uncompromised approach to styling. The clear-cut shapes, muscular temperament and hard edged contours form the core of the architectural concept: Also the choice for vertical surfaces fell to a highly innovative and environmentally sustainable product of the latest generation: Slimtech by Lea Ceramiche. 100% eco-compatible with a reduction of atmospheric emissions, efficient use of natural resources, savings on transport and packaging, reduced rejects and waste, optimized energy performance, Lea Slimtech is the ideal material for low energy footprint buildings. The extremely low weight (thickness is just 3.5 mm) and large size mean this material has the ideal technical properties for ventilated façades and insulated cladding systems. And that’s how we approached the Lamborghini Protoshop project, in which part of the front elevation features a ventilated façades system providing a solution for thermal and acoustic requirements while simultaneously maintaining the optimal sustainable building rating. The use of top quality materials able to withstand the rigours of time and requiring very little maintenance work is one of the central imperatives of the project. The special Slimtech laminated porcelain slabs installed in a horizontal direction with an exposed fastening system in the large 3mx1m size and “Lamborghini Black” finish, created specifically for the project by Lea Ceramiche, ensure exemplary performance of multiple roles: aesthetic, functional and technical. Protoshop, a project of excellence forming part of an unbroken path that Lamborghini and Audi are following in a drive to become zero impact enterprises, i.e. CO2-free, can reduce atmospheric CO2 emissions by almost 33,000 kg annually and contribute with energy savings of more than 53 thousand kWh annually, with an increase of energy efficiency far in excess of the level prescribed by Italian law 1362/2010. Compared to conventional industrial buildings of similar size the energy saving is considerable and can be expressed as the number of trees required to offset CO2 emissions: 200 for a normal building and just 80 for Protoshop.

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  • 5000 m2 of constructed surface area
  • 300 days: completion time
  • 800 m2 Polycarbonate façades www.lazzaro.it
  • 1335 m2 Ventilated façade in Slimtech www.ceramichelea.it
  • Interior vertical surfaces in porcelain stoneware

Technical Data Sheet