Automobili Lamborghini

Lamborghini Restaurant

The heart and the primary objective of the new Automobili Lamborghini Company Restaurant project was upgrading of the existing service, changing from a situation suffering from inefficiencies affecting personnel and kitchen staff to one in which the spaces, environmental quality, equipment and inter-personal relationships help to create a relaxed and healthy atmosphere and support the company’s growth. The interior spaces reveal the same concepts that underpinned Lamborghini’s orientation already in prior projects: maximization of design features and aesthetic beauty without any loss of practicality, flexibility and the ability to assist with social relations in the workplace. Technology, brand and comfort are therefore all key features of the structure, which consequently offers high standards of comfort and convenience for staff.

Following the works the new company restaurant can accommodate up to 480 diners. The reorganization of the production areas in the canteen and restaurant started from the need to enlarge the work areas in the kitchen, scullery and pantry, in addition to the area accommodating the canteen dining rooms. We also took steps to comply with health requirements by increasing lighting and ventilation levels in the building. In particular, luminosity was increased by increasing the sources of natural light: a solid wall demolished during the work was replaced with a clear polycarbonate membrane to allow the ingress of sunlight.

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  • 143 days: work completion time
  • 82 days: time of complete closure of the building
  • 480: maximum capacity of the company restaurant
  • 4 multimedia dining rooms available also for presentations and video conferences
  • improvement of flows and meal distribution queues by adopting a free-flow catering system

Technical Data Sheet