Automobili Lamborghini

The partnership between Archilinea and the top automotive company based at Sant’Agata Bolognese is strengthening all the time.

The new Ad Personam Studio, for which Archilinea also developed the design project, has been completed at the historic Automobili Lamborghini site. Located in close contact with the factory, the new facility houses a customer experience involving the creation of a genuinely tailor-made car. It is a sophisticated, minimalist space designed to offer Lamborghini customers a unique experience: they will be accompanied by an Ad Personam specialist in all phases of selection of the colours, equipment and materials of their future supersports car. Thanks to the display of leathers, finishes, seats and wheels, and state-of-the-art digital simulation, customers will be enabled to configure their cars in detail, to suit their own tastes and preferences. The space is attractive and comfortable, completed by a lounge area and display of the Lamborghini model the customer has ordered. Every feature has been designed and developed specifically for this building, inspired by Lamborghini’s signature “tailor-made” customisation, design, pure lines and innovative DNA, to even further reinforce the concept of exclusiveness and uniqueness linked to the purchase of a personalised car. The quality of the end result is partly thanks to the choice and support of the suppliers, who have brought their experience and know-how to bear in assisting Archilinea and the Prospazio consortium in the design and production of every single component of the interior.

Photography by Matteo Serri.