A building disused until a short time ago, and previously used as a warehouse, completely redeveloped and redesigned to become an important location for knowledge acquisition, discussion and information.

This is the Cremonini Academy, created at the Cremonini headquarters at Castelvetro, and destined to train the future catering staff of the Chef Express and Road House chains. An attractive, elegant yet dynamic place, designed to deliver the right balance of theoretical training and hands-on practice.

Two facilities, communicating by means of a large sliding door, in what were once a warehouse and an archive. The walls overlook a square internal courtyard, also refurbished with greenery and plinths which serve as pedestals for two sculptures, the visual centre of the new spaces which open off it. A new external footpath dialogues directly with the internal spaces, thanks to the demolition of the old outside wall and the design of a new ventilated wall, with large windows that cleverly light the zones assigned to the new functions inside. The use of space is optimised: since the original building was very high-ceilinged (normal for a warehouse), an intermediate floor has been added, with offices occupying the upper level, while on the ground floor there are two areas, both housing kitchens, the larger of which can be separated from the classroom area with the aid of two modular partitions that can be quickly moved into position to form a solid dividing wall. The new Cremonini Academy building is an object lesson in architectural quality, practicality and simplicity of use.

The facility adopts two different styles to differentiate the brands: elegant and minimalist for Chef Express, and more informal and friendly for Road House. Two zones with clearly distinguished characters, allowing full use of the brands’ potential for the wellbeing and training of their staff.