Ferrari Museum

The proposed intervention modifies the south elevation of the famous Maranello racing and sports car maker’s museum while respecting the lines, forms, materials and colours of the existing structure to ensure the greatest possible level of integration. The cafeteria has been moved towards the exterior by introducing an almost entirely glazed rectangular volume that has one side clad in the red Alucobond cladding already present on the west and north elevations of the complex. Given the increased inflow of tourists – the Ferrari museum currently attracts more than 200 thousand visitors every year making it the most popular museum structure in Emilia Romagna – not only the commercial and hospitality spaces needed to be upscaled, but also the services supplied had to be adapted to cater for the higher footfall. The project therefore involved increasing the number of toilets, currently insufficient for the number of visitors, and also resizing the staff changing room. Also, to improve cafeteria services, the area behind the bar and the store room were both extended.

Video report

Goal: respond to the need to increase the exhibition surface area of Museo Ferrari and the shop

Technical Data Sheet