Ferrari: 4WD Testing Unit opens The Testing Unit for Ferrari cars

A new milestone for Prospazio. Another major achievement for Prospazio, this time in association with Ferrari.



December saw the opening of the 4WD Testing Unit for Ferrari cars at the Maranello plant, completed in the record time of just nine months from the start of the works. The facility, built by the Prospazio consortium, of which Archilinea is an active member, has a floor area of 5,500 square metres on 4 levels. A major, highly ambitious project which involved the creation of an extremely modern, high-tech structure perfectly integrated with the adjacent buildings (the Product Development Centre designed by Massimiliano Fuksas and the Wind Tunnel by Renzo Piano). The building will enable Ferrari to perform all the reliability tests required within its own plant, re-creating the conditions engines have to deal with on the road in the most natural way possible. “Once again,” the Prospazio design team states, “the Prospazio consortium has proven its immense professionalism and flair for teamwork. And as the Ferrari group demonstrates, these are the two fundamental factors for the achievement of excellence.”

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