Lamborghini Team: the company creates a maxi construction site at Sant’Agata


Prospazio isn’t taking a summer holiday.

August saw the simultaneous opening, at Sant’Agata Bolognese, of eight large construction sites at the Lamborghini plant; works at the first site are scheduled for completion in December 2016, with all the sites timetabled to be wound down by the end of May next year. The works form part of the Lamborghini expansion project, which began in April this year.

Record-breaking figures: a construction site of 100,000 m2, plus buildings of 50,000 m2. 18 executives from the entire Prospazio consortium directing the works, and a total of about 200 people working on the site every day.

To enable the Archilinea staff to operate more effectively, the firm has established an office actually at Lamborghini. To accommodate it, Lamborghini has provided a building of about 150 m2, un open-plan area with two meeting rooms and an Internet connection.

“We are operational to bring a major industrial expansion project to completion,” they explain to us at Prospazio, “but as always speedy execution of the works is going hand-in-hand with quality and innovation.” All the works constructed will continue to make Lamborghini CO2 neutral, and the project includes the construction of Italy’s first industrial building with Leed Platinum certification.